Our Approach

Shift-Catalysts is dedicated to generating transformative change within the energy system through a comprehensive approach encompassing research, education, practical solutions, and transformative justice. Our aim is to foster systemic change that paves the way for equitable energy solutions.

Research Philosophy

Research serves as the bedrock for our projects enabling us to identify the most optimal solutions. Our comprehensive research methodology includes diverse approaches, including in-depth analyses of policies and programs, literature reviews of the latest academic papers, and participatory research for meaningful engagements. Our dedication to an intersectional research focus, coupled with our transdisciplinary perspective provides us with a unique lens to create transformative solutions.

Pragmatic Solutions

Grounded in theory and evidence, we walk alongside communities to co-create breakthrough solutions that centers well-being, resilience, justice, and balance with nature. By bridging diverse knowledge systems, we identify and implement practical interventions with the greatest impact, while applying a systemic lens to the interconnected challenges of climate change, health, biodiversity loss, and equity. 

Using a systems approach to tackle complex energy problems within communities means:

  • Embracing complexity and uncertainty
  • Bridging different world views by bringing people together
  • Recognizing and challenging power dynamics 
  • Transcending siloed approaches to problems
  • Centering relationships and kinship


We recognize the importance of knowledge in today’s world. As such we guide technical organizations through the significance of energy equity and why it matters. Simultaneously, we assist communities in comprehending complex technical aspects and empower them with energy education to enhance their internal capabilities. By bridging these knowledge gaps, we excel in delivering solutions that prioritize equity, extending beyond purely technocratic approaches.

Restorative and Transformative Practices

Racialized and Indigenous communities have historically been exposed to the many injustices of the energy system such as forced displacements, environmental contamination, and high energy burden. Shift-Catalysts acknowledges that the majority of harm within the energy system stems from deep-rooted colonial, racial, and patriarchal structures, and as such we are working with restorative and transformative practices to create solutions that challenge and shift power dynamics.