Our Work

The Energy Equity Project: This project is led by the University of Michigan. The goal is to create a standardized measurement framework for evaluating the equity of clean energy programs in the U.S. The focus of this framework is on advancing equity for racialized communities. Shift-Catalysts managed the Restorative Justice section and recently submitted a report to be published in the coming months.

Indigenous Climate Action: Providing design and engineering expertise to Indigenous Climate Action’s “Just Transition Guide”

Energy justice advocacy: Our company is centered around energy justice and we are passionately advocating for a just energy system through education and the projects that we engage in. Our primary focus is bringing a justice lens to climate action and to create regenerative systems allowing us to live within the planetary boundaries. 

Informing a pan-Canadian strategy to address energy poverty: Energy poverty is affecting almost 3 million households in Canada. These households pay over 10% of their gross income on energy and are sometimes forced to choose between medicine and food or paying their electricity bill. As there is currently no national strategy to tackle energy poverty, it is up to provinces and municipalities themselves to try to address this issue. This has resulted in incohesive approaches and a lack of accountability. Our work is currently focused on identifying barriers to developing a national strategy and amplifying the voices of communities experiencing energy poverty