Our organization holds the firm belief that a just transition toward an equitable and environmentally friendly energy system necessitates a holistic systems approach. This entails centering systematically excluded communities impacted by historical and ongoing injustices, as well as engaging energy system incumbents, including energy practitioners, policymakers, and utilities.   

Organizational services 

Are you an organization grappling with the complexities of energy equity? Wondering what it truly means, how to measure it, and why it matters. Look no further. Our organization is here to assist you every step of the way.

We specialize in helping organizations like yours comprehend the profound significance of energy equity. Our expert team will guide you in understanding how equity can unlock new market opportunities, and drive economic benefits while centering the inclusion of systematically excluded voices. We provide tailored solutions to integrate and track energy equity within your initiatives, ensuring that equity remains a central focus throughout your operations.

Don’t let the challenges of energy equity hold you back. Let us empower your organization to embrace the benefits and potential that lie within equity-driven approaches. Together, we can create a more inclusive and sustainable energy landscape for all of us.

Community services 

Does your community want to feel more confident while negotiating or commenting on energy projects? Do you want to build a healthier, energy-efficient, and resilient community? Look no further. Our organization is dedicated to empowering communities in various aspects related to energy. Our holistic approach can help you build an ecosystem that brings capacity, training, and finance to the community.

We specialize in providing services designed to support and enhance community energy initiatives. Our capacity-building programs focus on crucial aspects such as energy literacy, energy efficiency, and community energy planning and financing. These skills can assist you on your path to a safe, healthy, and thriving community. We also facilitate valuable connections with like-minded organizations and professionals, fostering networks that not only amplify your impact but also create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action. Together, we can build resilient communities and drive positive change.

Transformative solutions 

Are you seeking transformative solutions to address the pressing ecological, economic, and equity crises of our time? We can help with that.  

Our organization is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of the historical and systemic factors that have shaped the Canadian energy system and continue to influence our energy future. We specialize in providing education on the roots of energy injustices and climate change, equipping participants with the knowledge and tools required to identify leverage points and challenge the intricate power dynamics within the energy system. Join us if you are an activist working in the energy justice space, a citizen impacted by the energy system, or an organization committed to energy justice. 

Together, we can reshape the energy landscape for a more just and sustainable future.