About Us

Shift-Catalysts was founded in 2020 by entrepreneurs Shahed Shafazand and Moah Christensen, our team has grown to seven people, with numerous supporters and a number of advisors. We are an eclectic group with professional and lived experiences in engineering, energy equity, community energy, and Indigenous knowledge. This uniquely combined technical and social skill set enables us to bridge justice and equity with energy solutions, revolutionizing the way we produce, use, and manage energy for the well-being of communities, the regeneration of ecosystems, and the ability to live within planetary boundaries.

To ensure a just transition for people and the planet alike, we believe it is necessary to recognize the historical patterns and complex structures that have led to anthropogenic climate change and the current equity crisis. Recognizing and identifying complex ecological and social relationships within our local and global systems will enable us to determine effective points of intervention to transform these embedded structures and patterns, creating a future centered around equity, well-being, and sustainability. This is why we work with both communities that have borne the burden of historical and current injustices, as well as energy system incumbents, such as utilities, policymakers, and energy producers, to collaboratively address these injustices.