The team


Shahed Shafazand comes with an engineering background with experience in environmental consulting and energy conservation. She has recently collaborated with Indigenous Climate Action to develop a comprehensive Just Transition guide for Indigenous communities to successfully envision and reclaim their energy sovereignty. She is a strong believer in developing low-impact and nature-based solutions to the challenges of our planet. During her time off, she is either chasing after the neighborhood blue jay on the trail or catching up with her reading on her couch.


Moah Christensen has a Ph.D. in bio-energy, focused on optimizing energy production while minimizing environmental impact. She is responsible for anything research-related and loves to analyze systems to figure out how to optimize them. As a successful grant writer, she has further experience in researching governmental policies, designing organizational programming and messaging to attract funding. But most importantly, as a popular science writer, she is a fantastic dinner guest who never runs out of obscure and bizarre information.


Helen Platis is a Senior Executive with over 20 years of management experience in the energy sector, including as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Energy Association and as a chair of its Green Energy and Conservation Committee.

Julie Bunker has over 10 years of experience with innovative and complex projects in the sustainability and energy sector. Julie has worked with key organizations such as QUEST and Energy Futures Lab.

Helen Platis and Julie Bunker