About Shift-Catalysts

Our dynamic duo met while volunteering in Toronto. Having both worked in the energy sector but in various fields, academia and consulting, we immediately clicked. Our conversation quickly turned to Energy Justice and the inequities of the Canadian energy system. We both felt that we needed to move beyond advocacy and research towards action-oriented solutions. As such we started Shift-Catalysts with the intention to bring a holistic and systemic approach to energy challenges. 

Having worked in male-dominated fields our entire careers, we are used to being the only women sitting at the table and the challenges that come with this. We know that our work is stronger when it includes the perspective and knowledge of people from all walks of life who have faced systemic barriers. We are determined to break barriers for anyone who has been excluded, something we have embedded in our everyday work. As a women-led not-for-profit, we believe in putting well-being, environmental justice, and reconciliation front and center in our work.

What distinguishes Shift-Catalysts from the rest, aside from our passion to shift paradigms of our energy systems, is our deep connections to the Earth and all other beings and our  approach to every project with lenses of knowledge-sharing, reciprocity, and accountability.

Our vision is to revolutionize the way we produce, use, and manage energy for the well-being of communities, the regeneration of ecosystems, and the ability to live within planetary boundaries.