Our Approach

We live in a world of energy injustice where low-income, middle-income, and members of the Black, Indigenous, and (other) People of Color (BIPOC) communities are excluded from decision-making processes, bear the burden of environmental degradation, and lack reliable and affordable access to energy. As we embark on the energy transition, moving away from the extraction and burning of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like solar or wind, we have the opportunity to address these injustices once and for all. 

Addressing energy inequities such as energy poverty requires transformative change in our policies, communities, and systems. We must move away from top-down approaches and move toward bottom-up solutions building upon meaningful local engagement and adaptation to the ecological, economic, social, and cultural circumstances. It will be hard if not impossible for one company or not-for-profit to meet all of these requirements. To overcome this barrier, Shift-Catalysts acts as an ecosystem-based organization. 

By tapping into our community engagement experience and technical expertise we build bridges between communities with a broad range of stakeholders to create unconventional partnerships. Our role is that of changemakers, catalysts, and enablers who pave the way for collaboration towards bringing innovative projects to life.

Our holistic and systemic approach consists of six critical steps to understand and address the barriers of integrating equity into the energy transition.